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What are the advantages of PCBA processing?

Release Time: 2021/10/27 19:32:15

The traditional PCBA processing method is mainly based on the disconnection of individual links. There will be many problems in the corresponding factory cooperation. One of the most important factors is that it requires a very long process to complete the entire cycle of manufacturing. The corresponding factory transfer, logistics and transportation costs are very high. In addition, it does not apply to PCBA proofing orders. Therefore, the advantages of PCBA processing at this time will come in handy, because it perfectly solves the problems faced by the traditional processing process.
Shenzhen Lingzhuo Electronics uses intelligent management software based on big data, starting from the printed circuit board stage, covering the entire process of component procurement, PCBA assembly, testing, packaging and delivery, reducing unnecessary expenditures in terms of time and cost, and at the same time It can also understand the situation of the product in each link more clearly.
PCBA labor and materials processing advantages

One, PCB

It avoids a lot of pre-review multiple procedures, owns PCB board factory, PCB manufacturing is fast, and the delivery time is short.
2. Small order
The advantage of one-stop service is that it eliminates the need to spend a lot of time to find suppliers for small orders. Many suppliers with small quantities are unwilling to spend more time and labor costs, and refuse or do not cooperate with production. The model of the PCBA factory is to combine several small orders into a large batch, which can easily meet any order quantity.
3. Shorter PCBA processing cycle
Compared with the traditional process, the cycle of PCBA processing and assembly is much shorter, because the connection when switching from each process to the next process is seamless, so no time is lost. And ultimately greatly shorten the lead time.
Fourth, supplier responsibilities are more clear
There is no need to deal with multiple suppliers, thereby reducing the chance of misinformation, reducing the possibility of quality abnormalities, and the responsibilities of both parties are more clear. It also reduces the delay problem caused by the chain reaction caused by the abnormality of a single supplier.
Five, seamless link from client to manufacturing
Product assembly, inventory and transportation are clear at a glance. In addition to the logistical convenience of a single point of contact, it also saves time and is more conducive to accurate risk control.
Six, very suitable for small businesses
Small entrepreneurial companies have immature product design and market research, and may not be sure of how much they need, so they can only trial production in small batches. At the same time, small companies do not have that complete staffing, and they need the flexibility of the quantity provided by one-stop labor and materials.
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